Cap Firing Grenade




These small, lightweight grenades are a perfect fit in any CQB Nerf situation. Awesome for clearing rooms, or just for fun, these are a must have for any serious game.

Each grenade weighs 65 grams, and are printed solid for the highest durability.

They can be loaded with a single cap of any brand, or an entire ring of “Superdisc 8 Shot Ring Cap Disks” for an even louder bang, and a little flash.

“Superdisc 8 Shot Ring Cap Disks” will be available soon

Each grenade comes with a molle mount for easy carrying.

They can be printed in all colours, except for silk and clear filaments, due to their lower strength.

Licensed from Vincent Martin, which receives a portion of each sale.

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Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Silver, White, Yellow